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Freya Systems Honored Consecutively With Drexel LeBow Analytics 50 Award

Freya Systems, an advanced data analytics and software development company, was selected as a 2023 honoree of the Drexel LeBow Analytics 50 Award. The award recognizes organizations that are making a significant, data-driven impact on business through cost reductions, operational improvements, and increases in sustainability.

MEDIA, Pa., July 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Freya Systems has been named a 2023 Drexel LeBow Analytics 50 Award honoree; this marks the second consecutive acknowledgement from the prestigious LeBow Center for Business Analytics at Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business. The Drexel LeBow Analytics 50 is a national recognition of analytics distinction honoring 50 organizations using analytics to solve business challenges.

The initiative connects academia and industry, highlights best practices and applauds data-driven business impact. Honorees are selected by a panel of researchers and practitioners who evaluate nominations based on the complexity of the business challenge, the analytics solution implemented, and the solution’s business impact on the organization.

Freya Systems partnered with a municipal wastewater treatment company to identify areas of operation where available data could provide the basis for data-driven tools to reduce costs associated with equipment wear and maintenance, reduce energy consumption, and positively impact the environment. Freya's Data Scientists worked on engineering useful features to construct an advanced random forest algorithm. “The impact of the algorithm positively affects three key issues with the wastewater treatment process: reduction in costs, reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and elongating the life of critical equipment.” said Chris MacNeel, Chief Operating Officer at Freya Systems. “We revealed that an occasionally redundant fourth blower accounted for approximately 10% of the Aeration’s KW usage per day on the days that it’s used. The client’s concurrent blower usage occurred 120 out of 365 days. If mitigated properly, the algorithm would save 5% - 8% of KW usage annually.”

Freya Systems will be celebrated alongside other distinguished recipients at an award ceremony in October 2023. The company’s Founder, Ben Johnson, expresses deep pride in the team's accomplishments, stating, "This recognition is a tremendous honor for the Freya Systems team. Our collaboration with client subject matter experts is a cornerstone of our success. It enables us to tailor solutions that go above and beyond expectations. While winning awards is not our primary objective, I am delighted to see our dedicated data scientists receive recognition for their outstanding contributions and impact.”

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